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Increase the maturity
level of
Performance Dialogues in the aviation industry

We increased the maturity degree of existing Performance Dialogues.


Our task

  • Perform a maturity check to identify further improvement potentials for the entire Performance Management System

  • Evaluate current maturity degree of Performance Dialogue per leader based on a defined set of criteria

  • Prepare leaders in advance of their Performance Dialogues to support well-structured and focused dialogues

  • Observe five Performance Dialogues per leader and give feedback to all the participants

  • Provide follow-up sessions with leaders to serve as sparring partner as well as to hand hover tips and tricks and additional methodology to help leaders increasing their Performance Dialogue maturity level

  • Conduct benchmark visits to other companies with a high level of Performance Dialogue maturity for inspiration


Our results

Together we were able to increase the average maturity from 55% to 90%. The teams received an inspiration booklet containing all the tips, tricks and methodologies for future reference. Leaders at all levels have rated the initiative as highly successful and helpful and are looking forward to continuing to work on their personal Performance Dialogue maturity.


The client's challenge

The client has previously implemented Performance Management in the organization and Performance Dialogues were already held regularly. However, the client had the impression that the maturity degree of the Performance Dialogues could be further improved with the support of an external perspective.

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