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HR reorganisation 

in the Aviation 


We create clarity about responsibilities
and a balanced workload in the
HR department.


Our task

  • Validating existing pain points through further analyses such as structured interviews or pain point workshops

  • Further development of the employee journey and refining the service portfolio to enhance internal customer focus

  • Revising defined roles and responsibilities to ensure a reduction of inefficiencies, a streamlined understanding and balancing of the workload

  • Design of a new organisational chart and dimensioning of the HR department on the basis of the results of the validation phase and the revised roles

  • Creation of an implementation plan


Our results

By effectively combining the clients' and our capabilities and experience, we validated and identified challenges in the current organisation and developed a detailed concept for a new organisation to address the key challenges. The proposed concept is currently undergoing approval from the board members and will be implemented thereafter.


The client's challenge

The client's HR department was preparing for a reorganisation due to imbalances in workload and occasional uncertainties regarding responsibilities. We were asked to support in defining roles and responsibilities, as well as sizing the future HR organization to guarantee a well-balanced workload among the teams.

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