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Improving meeting efficiency and the flow of information

We were asked to support the organisation in reducing the time spent in meetings by improving the flow of information


Our task

  • Analyse status quo of meeting times and communication cascade

  • Collect management requirements towards different interfaces

  • Design regular meeting cascade, incl. frequency, duration, participants, objective, and agenda

  • Align and implement regular meeting cascade with interfaces

  • Provide templates for notes and actions to ensure meeting efficiency and focus


Our results

Together, we developed and implemented a regular meeting cascade for management that puts into place exchanges required with interfaces to ensure everyone received the latest relevant updates. The harmonised, regular communication also leads to a 20% meeting time reduction which creates space in the calendars for urgent ad-hoc issues that require management attention.


The client's challenge

When the client started working in the new market, the small teams had short and direct communication ways. Now, after years of rapid growth, the client was spending more time in meetings and the balance between value-added and non-value-added time was deteriorating..

We were asked to set up a meeting cascade that both enhances information flow between the interfaces and reduces the time spent in regular meetings.

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