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Recruiting process

We were able to significantly simplify our client's recruiting and onboarding process and accelerate it by a high double-digit percentage.


The client's challenge

In a first step we improved our client's order-to-cash process. In a second step we shifted our focus on reducing efforts and throughput times in the recruiting process. Again we were asked to provide an external and fresh perspective as well as our consulting methods.


Our task

  • Mapping of the current process including main challenges

  • Creating a new and lean process

  • Planning of interfaces

  • Coordinating the necessary implementation steps

  • Monitoring of the implementation


Our results

By bundling the clients' and our competencies successfully, the recruiting and also the onboarding process could be significantly simplified and accelerated by high two-digit numbers. We eliminated unnecessary tasks, reduced the number of involved roles and interfaces and set fixed deadlines to ensure efficient processing.

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