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Management system
across the value stream

We introduced a Performance Management system across the value stream for a client in the machine building industry.


The client's challenge

The client had already been confronted with low operational performance for some time. As a countermeasure, employees were trained in performance management, several measurement points along the value stream were identified, and regular performance dialogues were introduced as a blueprint in a customer project. In order to implement this blueprint, we were brought in to support with our experience of introducing performance management.


Our task

  • Creating a holistic concept consisting of targets, KPIs and communication cascade

  • Methodological training for the managers involved

  • Supporting all managers in the introductory phase of their performance dialogues through preparation and feedback sessions

  • Conducting structured problem-solving sessions

  • Supporting the client team in project communication


Our results

The various managers were empowered through training and close support to carry out their performance dialogues independently and in a targeted manner. As a result, operational performance was improved significantly with the help of immediate measures and structured problem solving.

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